Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mother Sketch

If there is one person that has changed my life in many ways it would be my mother. When ever I have asked her to do something for me she would such as drive me to friends houses and sign me up for activities. My mom was always supporting me with everything thing I did she always backed me up to. Sometimes I just think about what my mom has done for me and I realize that without her I wouldn't be the same today as I would be without her. I wish at times I could go back and thank her for the things she has done for me. My mom is a kind, loving and compassionate person who has always thought me right from wrong. My mom has thought me a lot of important life lessons such as don't do drugs and be a good kid, I believe that her saying these things has made me a better person.In the end I would like to thank my mom for the huge impact she has had on me and my life. 

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